Walking down memory lane … literally.

Did you know that this famous Adidas shoe is turning 50 next year ? It was launched in 1968 and have gone through the decades like no other shoe. 

 It is Kate Moss that brings back the Gazelle this season. A long time favorite of the model’s. Moss is now the face of the brand in their new advertising campaign. Continue Reading

Out of the blue


I simply love the combination of monochromatic and a pop of colour.

It softens the harshness and sternness of the often too bland neutrals. Especially in an outfit.

What … blue soles ?! How dare you ? I say “why the hell not” ! Continue Reading

Leather skirt


Today I took out the heavy artillery aka my leather skirt (Vegan is the only way to go)

The pleather skirt is an essential as we transition into spring. Continue Reading



The style today, immediately inspired the 90s.

Obviously, with a Levi’s denim and a Gap jacket we have 2 icon brands of 1990.

It’s not a lie to say that the high waist jeans are so comfortable and practical.

We need everyday clothes because honestly, we do not pull out the leather skirt every morning, right? Continue Reading


Marianna head to toes

I love natural fabrics. I have already told you, I always prefer the noble fabrics when choosing textiles. Cotton, wool, silk are fibers that breathe and breathing is important.

True? Continue Reading


Marianna bras croisés

What’s better than velvet during cold weather?


Well, certainly something else, but today the king is velvet.
During the holidays, it was surely in your fave outfits ? For me, velvet was IT.
And still is.
Continue Reading

IGK hair X Marianna Palla

Marianna a NYCGood day everyone!

I have been a little quiet on the blog lately. But that is only to make a stronger comeback and share some exciting news with you.

I had the opportunity to collaborate with true artists at the IGK salon. They operate from 3 different locations; New York, Miami and Los Angeles. I had the pleasure to work with Aaron Grenia, one of the 4 co-founders and NYC based, as well as with Justin McKay. This dynamic duo had the most amazing ideas and together we created one hell of a rocking look! Continue Reading

Cuba sì, part 2


Marianna in Cuba

On our second day in Varadero, we of course, continued our escapade aboard our pink Pontiac. At that point, we were already good friends with Kico our driver. And you know how friendship goes in Cuba … mojitos mojitos and more mojitos … the only way to keep the conversation flowing, right? Let’s just say that after 2 mojitos at Maison Dupont (the best in town),we were totally fluant in Spanish ja ja ja Continue Reading

Cuba sì, part 1


Marianna at the marinaOn our last trip to Cuba, we decided to explore Varadero and its vicinity, see what else there is besides white sandy beaches. And there is only way to do it; cruising in a bright pink convertible. We felt like movie stars straight from the 50’s. The bandana and big frames were most definitely a must. The whole day was simply magical. Kico,our driver,  was a huge Marc Anthony aficionado. Needless to say, it did not take long to switch to vacation mode. Continue Reading

Slumber party

Marianna is serious


As many of you I am sure, I sometimes wake up in the morning and secretly wish I never have to dress up to leave the house.  Well, it looks like our prayers have been answered, ladies. The silk Pyjamas trend is everywhere this summer and this has to be the most comfortable fashion garment one can own. My advice: Get on it … NOW. Continue Reading